The Civil Process Servers Association of Texas

April 25, 2015

To:  CPSAT Members, process servers and attorneys in Texas
Re:  Introduction to The CPSAT

Dear CPSAT Member,

Thank you for joining the CPSAT.  By joining, you have verified that you will serve all
process in accordance with the law.  This simple foundational agreement applies to all
members, including your CPSAT Directors, and it gives purpose and direction to our
association.  It applies not just to the actual delivery of court documents, but, to everything
related to our jobs.  Most importantly, it establishes recognition by our association that
everyone must follow the law, including those who make the laws.

The 84th Texas Legislature is in session and two bills have been filed on behalf of the
CPSAT.  House Bill 1806 (Rep. Tony Tinderholt) will finally place our industry in statute.
[Rep. Mike Schofield filed an identical bill, HB 3459.]

The current rules allow private individuals to be authorized to serve process by two different
by law or by written order of the court.  Since we are not in statute, all
authorization for Texas process is exclusively through a written order of the court.  Even
certification by the Texas Supreme Court/JBCC is pursuant to a written court order.

The sole purpose of HB 1806 is to place our industry in statute.  It creates nothing new and
is based on a standard that has been in place for the last 30+ years.  The bill will simply
codify this existing standard into statute so that we will be authorized "by law."  The bill will
not affect certification or the availability of training classes.  Anyone wishing to become or
remain certified will be able to do so.

In the next few days and weeks, you will receive email alerts asking you to make phone
calls and send emails to key legislators in support of HB 1806.  Below is more information
regarding the bill and reasons for support.  If you have any questions whatsoever, please
do not hesitate to call or email me directly.  HB 1806 stands a much better chance of
passing if it has your active support.

Additional Information on HB 1806

Tod E. Pendergrass
CPSAT Director
(512) 447-2300

# of process servers:  +/-5000
# of certified process servers:  3528
# of certifications issued:  11,447
# of papers served to date:  Millions
# of servers revoked for crime:  0
# of job related convictions:  0, unknown
# of civil judgments:  0, unknown
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